Intech Harness Pvt Ltd!

Jalaprayah Autotech Pump Controller – A patented microcontroller based intelligent pump controller which responds to power and water disruptions without manual intervention. Unlike GSM / Mobile Controller which require some kind of human intervention to set right disruptions. Its precise operations bring relief to the farmer and reduction in water & carbon footprint.


  • Field Programmable with password protection.
  • Works on top of any kind of pump technology.
  • IoT and Sensor based modular offering, Analytics

Version 1 – Already Working

  • AI based time based operation
  • Ability to cover up the lost time
  • Ability to respond to any given situation
  • Water level of the area can be detected
  • Usage patterns can be detected
  • oPump operation schedule on a customized basis
  • Electrical condition at the point of usage – Voltage, Current & Phase

Version 2 (Version 1 ++)

  • Com Port Development - IoT & Cloud Connectivity
  • AI driven cloud solution with Analytics
  • Cloud based reporting to stakeholders and customer
  • Remote porting of schedules to be executed on field.
  • Predictive Analytics for the health of the pump
  • Remote access for problem solving
  • Geo mapping of water source

Version 3 (Version 2 ++)

  • Soil probe data
  • Moisture probe data
  • Weather data
  • Sunlight data
  • Ambient temp. data
  • Integration with third party optimisation tools for automatic configuration of farm / agri inputs to be controlled using our devise (fertiliser / pesticide / water)
  • Automate multiple valve operations in large farms