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Irrigation Automation that works

Irrespective Of Power Timings

Ensures Precision Water Supply to the Crop

Boosts Crop Output Through

Engagement With Digital Agriculture

Jalaprayah Autotech Pump Controller automates farm irrigation with an ability to respond to power and water disruption without human intervention. Unlike GSM / Mobile Controller which require human intervention to set right disruption.

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Jalaprayah Autotech Pump Controller.

Is a Patented, IoT Enabled, timer based pump controller which interfaces with all existing motors. It connects with the starter & operates the pump based on the ON time (say 12.00 pm) & OFF time (say 04.00 pm). It will switch the pump ON & OFF at the given / programmed time on a daily basis. Suppose there is power loss for 30 minutes after the pump is switched on, then on resumption of power it will restart the pump and operate it till 04.30 pm and then switch it OFF as well. So the programmed time is delivered and there is no human intervention in the entire process.

Its precise operation brings relief to the farmers and reduces water & carbon footprint. The Technology is in line with the guidelines of PMKSY, Atal Bhujal Yojana for optimising ground water usage as well as United Nations – Sustainable Goals.

To offer single Technology solution for current problems in farm irrigation

We are a DIPP recognised Agritech (Irrigation) startup based in Pune.

Single Solution for all the Micro & Macro Level Challenges

Name: Adeshbhai, a Farmer

Location: Yeola, Nr. Shirdi

We had elaborate discussions with Adeshbhai to understand the difficulties faced in farm irrigation and how they are being addressed currently, he has the same challenges as many farmers in India have. The following challenges were identified wherein he was looking for a solution:

Micro Level Challenges

  • Erratic & Low Quality power Supply
  • Un-availability of water (Dry run)
  • Manual operation
  • Extended Pump operations
  • High cost of maintenance
  • Long farm to house distance
  • Cost and availability of Labour

Macro Level Challenges

  • Indian Agriculture uses 200 Billion units of Power every year (18%)
  • India uses 1.6 – 2 times the required water for irrigation
  • Depleting groundwater
  • No Data Capture
  • Manual effort leading to errors